Luminis company is founded in 1992, in the town of Rijeka, Croatia and it has been professionally active in the field of lighting design for over 20 years. Luminis performs all tasks involving the lighting, develops projects, supplies and installs lighting and if necessary implements electrical works. Luminis is also distributor of top design company’s of decorative and professional lighting. The company has been involved in working in most various types of spaces and their specific lighting requirements, and through our vast experience we are able to develop any kind of projects or solutions to your unique problem, whether it’s interior or exterior design, from residential and commercial space to shops, restaurants, offices, clinics and even sports field … Each specific area requires different approach in accordance with it’s purpose and architecture. Because the lighting design is a complex job that involves knowledge of light and specification fixtures and compliance with the requirements of architects, designers and investors, Luminis approaches each project individually. Priority in choosing light type should be professional lighting when decorating offices or shops for their funcionallty, but when ambient lighting is concerned, lamps with decorative value come into first choice . We have variety of products in different styles on our disposal from which the client can fulfill his ideas in accordance with his taste and requirement. We have also started our own production of professional and decorative lamps. The novelty is that we offer not only standard issue lamps, but customer made lamp designed and developed by the ideas and requirement of the client.